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Responsive Website Design
CLUB View provide completely bespoke responsive website designs for you and your club. But, what is a responsive web design?

What is a Responsive Web Design?

A responsive website is a site that adapts both the layout and the content based on the size of the user's device, be it computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Using this technology, we give consideration to how, why and when your audience interacts with your content, and deliver the right information in a tailored layout.

Why get a Responsive Web Design?

25% of the web's users now use portable devices only. This includes but isn't limited to Tablets, Smartphones and Feature Phones. Utilising a responsive website design will ensure your golf club is able to communicate your message effectively on all devices.

Optimising your website for consumption on a portable devices is an essential part of any company’s digital strategy, especially so for golf clubs.

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Key reasons to have a Responsive Web Design

  • Uses live content from the CLUB View CMS opposed to running two sites

  • On average, 61% of users will leave a non-mobile friendly site

  • 20% of the entire world's web traffic is on a portable device

  • 74% of smartphone owners surf the internet on their phones daily

  • 15% of emails are opened on a mobile device

  • Improves search engine visibility

  • Future proof, we're prepared for devices of the future