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With over 20 years of experience within the film and TV industry, our team have the skills, experience and expertise to ensure your video exceeds your expectations.

What's Included

We will arrange a day to come to your golf course and complete all the aerial videography necessary. We will ensure we get everything we need in one visit and will fit in around your needs to ensure we do not impact the experience of your members and guests on the day.

Once we have completed the filming, within 48 hours we will have your videos completed and ready for viewing. This will include a flyover of each hole individually for your online scorecard, as well as a 20-30 second aerial beauty video of your course to be used on the website.

Beautiful PhotographyNeed a 20-30 second aerial beauty video of your course or hole flyovers? Call 0208 722 0150 for a quote!

Understanding Your Needs

Our team understand the importance and challenge in gaining and maintaining the attention of a target market when uploading a video to social media – this is why we have developed a strategy which instantly and effectively achieves this and essentially increases your organic reach across the internet.