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Key Features
Our Content Management System (CMS) has a powerful and comprehensive feature list that give you the ability to manage your website with ease!
Guildford golf Club

The Diary

A feature packed diary system tailored for specific use by clubs. On the administration side it is easy to create and edit events that can be displayed on the homepage, areas within the site and on a dedicated calendar page. Bulk management tools let you duplicate a whole year and edit it quickly with comprehensive filters which make going forward simple.

As a member or visitor you can narrow down to particular categories and see further details which can include text, posters and photos. With synchronization support for many popular smartphones and tablets, nobody will ever be out of touch.

Guildford golf Club

Emailing Tools

Creative solutions that make email marketing and communication for clubs simple. As an administrator it is possible to utilise mailing lists from within the membership and externally imported data. The tools provided allow for beautiful one off informative notices along with regular newsletters featuring articles, imagery and diary events.

From within their account settings a member is able to tailor specifically what appears for them by removing and adding article categories and if allowed, opt-out entirely from future messages. With a custom built branded mail template as part of the package, you are bound to stand out from the rest.

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Guildford golf Club

Publishing Control

Delegate some responsibility for parts of your system whilst keeping the important data secure and maintaining control. Administrators can grant individuals rights to manage content in specific areas, create diary entries and send emails to groups of membership.

Trusted people are able to work without supervision however if enabled, each change they make will require review and approval. Enhanced privileges can be set up so documents and pages not meant for everyone can be restricted to those who need them. With the added ability to pre-prepare material and release it on a chosen date, your site can run like clockwork.

Guildford golf Club

Course Status

A simple and effective way to place the most important information right in the hands of members and visitors. It is possible to update the status bar without being an administrator using a secure authentication code which means multiple staff can maintain this but not providing them a level of access they do not require.

Pre-set messages can be assigned so if they are regularly used, a drop-down selection removes the need to type everything out again. Otherwise, a text box is available to input one off messages. If ever there is planned maintenance or a disruption, everyone will know.