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Trading Terms & Conditions
Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law!


All fees for domain purchases and renewals must be paid in advance upon presentation of invoice. Webcreative UK Ltd will only effect the purchase and renewals on receipt of funds from clients. No liability will be accepted by Webcreative UK Ltd if funds are not received by the payment times specified on invoice in respect of domains expired because of non-renewal..

Hosting And Support

All hosting & support periods are contracted for one year and are deemed to be 'continued' annually on the anniversary of the original order date. All fees must be paid in advance before commencement of hosting or 14 days before renewal of hosting. Webcreative UK Ltd reserves the right to suspend any hosting & support arrangement for non-payment of any outstanding amounts before commencement or renewal date.

Cancellation Of Hosting And Support

To cancel hosting and support, three months’ termination notice must be given in in writing in advance of the anniversary of the original order date. Any cessation of hosting that has been cancelled by notice in writing must be terminated by the anniversary date, otherwise hosting will be deemed continued.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure termination of hosting and support. Physical cancellation of hosting can be made by either sending an email to info@clubview.co.uk or a letter by registered post to Webcreative UK's registered office formally requesting Webcreative to turn off hosting or by requesting the administrator of the domain name to transfer of the domain to another named server (dns) before the anniversary of the original order date, or by the client effecting a named server (dns) change themselves provided on both occasions written notice has been served three months before the anniversary of the original order date.

In the event of a domain transfer, it is a requirement that the client immediately informs Webcreative UK by email when a DNS change has been made. Failure to comply with the dns change, or notification of dns change, will mean that the hosting may be deemed continued if due written notice has not been given three months before anniversary renewal date and therefore annual fees will still be payable.

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All other fees, apart from Domain and Hosting mentioned above, for services rendered must be made within 14 days of invoice. Webcreative UK Ltd reserve the right to suspend all other services (including hosting) if full payment of debt is not met within 14 days notice, unless satisfactory arrangements have been agreed. Further, Webcreative UK Ltd reserve the right to charge interest or extra charges in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998.

Design Copyright

All designs, functionality & photography provided by Webcreative UK Ltd are the design copyright of the company and may not be used, copied or altered in anyway or used on any other website system without express permission by Webcreative UK Ltd. Any party including design agencies who infringe the design copyright, beit solely, collectively or in collaboration, will be jointly and severally liable to a damage claim.


All content supplied by clients in the creation of websites is the property of the clients, except for items provided or modified by Webcreative UK Ltd. Webcreative UK Ltd does not accept any liability whatsover for any content used on any website supplied by clients.

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