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Meet The Team

Brief History

WEBCreative UK Ltd started business over 13 years ago back in 2000 when Kevin Evans and Rebecca Hughes decided to leave their current jobs to explore and utilize the expansive technology behind the World Wide Web. They found a niche in the Golf industry, and spotted a lack of websites for their favourite golf clubs. This is where and how CLUBView was born.

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Who Are We?

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Production Manager Icon Rebecca Hughes - Production Manager

Rebecca, who has a graphical background now manages the whole spectrum of the production line. Getting to know each client is very important to Rebecca and keeping the production team on a tight schedule and delivering work on time is a huge part of her daily tasks.

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Designer Icon George Harvey - Web Designer (Production Team)

George, a master of web design, has a keen eye for the finer details, which becomes apparent through the time and energy that go into his work to produce some of the most elegant and beautiful sites under CLUBView's name.



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Brain Icon James Harvard - Product Software Development

James has the brains to develop, test and maintain the excellent standards of the CLUBView CMS. James plays an important role in making CLUBView more efficient and helping it provide a better service to our customers.

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